A world where style, luxury, and comfort can all co-exist. 


We aim to design and create clothing and accessories that appeal to all; to create the DOCTEUR lifestyle. 


Mohit is a Vancouver, Canada native who wanted to create more than a clothing line. He wanted to create a lifestyle. He had grown to love the idea of conceiving a brand that appeals to all generations, occupations, body sizes, genders, and ways of life. After all, he believes there is no point in creating designs that only suit one type of person; he hopes that this brand reflects the nature of society.

In his free time, Mohit is a philanthropist, award winning medical science researcher, and University of British Columbia medical student.   


Many have asked us why we named our company "DOCTEUR"? When playing recreational basketball, our founder would often treat anyone who got injured. Members of the opposite team would then yell "DOCT-EE-UR" when Mohit would take a shot in attempt to jinx or throw him off.

It was frustrating at first because it worked, but Mohit grew to love the nickname. Therefore, Mohit decided to name the company in recognition of his medical training and fond summertime memories.