Frontline Worker + Military Discount

To show our immense gratitude to our frontline workers* and military service members, we offer 15% off on all pieces (does not include shipping + taxes or gift cards). Please email us at and attach proof of service which includes: 

  • 1 government issued ID (i.e. driver's license, passports, etc.)

  • 1 piece of paperwork indicating your status as a frontline worker or military service member (i.e. an ID badge). 

We will then provide you with a unique discount code that you may use to purchase our pieces. This code may not be combined with other discounts or for purchasing gift cards. 


*Frontline workers include: 

  • Hospital staff (i.e. doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, administrative staff, and custodians)
  • Students in the fields mentioned above (i.e. medical students, nursing students, physiotherapy students, etc.) 
  • First responders (i.e. police, fire, and ambulance). 
  • Grocery store workers. 
  • Teachers and professors. 
  • Public transit workers.